good website for retailing failures good website for retailing failures

     As I passed by my local mall, Moreno Valley Mall, I am reminded of what could’ve been.  

     However, even after losing Anna’s Linens to a smaller (probably cheaper) strip mall next the 99 Cent Only store, the mall is gaining a new tenant in the form of Crunch Fitness.  That’s head-scratching addition considering a one point Mo Val officials had touted that the mall was becoming an “entertainment destination” after Round 1 opened last summer.  

     When I see movies at the Harkins Theatre (a replacement for what was going to be a Bullock’s), and see all the empty storefronts (It is said to be 93% leased, maybe I’m blind.) I also look for a defibrillator. I mean the mall is on life-support, in my honest opinion.  

     Gaining a movie theatre was a godsend, but the mall lost an anchor when Gottschalk’s when into retail heaven a couple of years ago.  General Growth Properties, who owned the mall, sold it along with other money losing properties to the Spinoso Realty Group of Syracuse, NY.  Spinoso has its work cut out for them.

    Anyway, my news about Moreno Valley is coming on a later post for Mall World.  Today, I’m directing your attention to the website,  It’s a website that pays its respects to regional malls that have given up its fight for profits.  You might recognize a few names (Central City Mall anyone?).  

     A second website that kicked some butt was  It did a better job at updating and had a longer list of casualties.  Unfortunately, the website seems to have joined the malls it covered in the afterlife.  Clicks on links provided by Google got me a 404 error.  The website no longer lives. *sniff*

     At any rate, as I patiently wait for a reply from Laurie Lucas of The P.E., check out the website and tell me some stories of the malls you may have visited that are in retail heaven.  Go ahead, I’m listening.


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