Riverside’s Galleria at Tyler Fills Former Ruby’s Diner

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past week, it has been hot this past week in Southern California.  Thank God for the enclosed mall, huh?

The last we heard about Galleria at Tyler, The Elephant Bar closed and Famous Dave’s BBQ was slated for an empty storefront next to the Yardhouse.  Well, both locations are still very empty with no signs of life to be seen unless you count the labelscar left by The Elephant Bar.  Checking the mall’s website, Famous Dave’s BBQ is still coming but when?

In more positive news, a replacement has been found for Ruby’s Diner (which was a Johnny Rockets at one time).  Pizza 90 is being built with the normal wood boarding touting its arrival at an unknown time.  Good luck finding information about what I assume will be a fast casual restaurant where pizzas will be cooked in obscene amounts of heat.  The application for a liquor license sign is already hung up and I didn’t notice an opening date.

On the opening/closing front:  It looks like a certain target demographic will be well served in the near future.  Torrid is undergoing renovations and the former Coach store will soon re-open as an apparel store for the plus-size woman.  Body Basic is becoming the new Duke’s of Tyler.  It was taken over the former X-Players space on the second level next to American Eagle.  Coffee Tea & Leaf has opened a branch in front of JCPenney.  So, it could be safe to assume that General Growth won’t be staging entertainment in that area for a long time.

The storefront for 2b Bebe now sits empty.  Of course, it’ll take a few minutes to remove the from the directory.  No sign of who will replace 2b Bebe.


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