Ready for the Coming Tsunami?

Any one paying attention to retail news recently knows that Staples and Radio Shack are slimming down.  Staples by about 250 stores and Radio Shack by over 1100 stores(!).  Yes, unfortunately, a Super Bowl commercial going viral wasn’t enough to save the Shack.  Retail experts believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.  

Only recently did JCPenney close some underperforming locations as did Macy’s.  JCP still hasn’t fully regained his footprint after the disaster that was the Ron Johnson era (or was that error?).  

Only time will tell who will survive this predicted disaster, if it happens at all.  Did retailers overextend themselves by opening too much too soon?  Or are the doomsday scenarios from 15 years ago finally panning out?

We shall see…….to be continued……